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More than just cloud migration, we help you accelerate, transform and innovate faster – to advance your agility in a cloud-first world.

Every innovative company requires a solid IT foundation in the cloud. Our cloud managed services provide you teams of cloud experts that will help you maximize your cloud investment, through 24×7 ongoing management of infrastructure and databases, cost and consumption optimization, performance and availability monitoring, and automation.

Operations is only the beginning. MD Consulting builds on top of your cloud foundation by identifying and executing on ways to gain value from your cloud estate and what the cloud has to offer your business, through areas like automation and analytics.

Agile transformation in a cloud-first world

Cloud transformation is not just cloud migration. We’ve built our reputation, helping the leading organisations accelerate cloud transformation - understanding your unique ambitions to tailor, build and secure your digital roadmap.

Discover the right approach for your cloud transformation roadmap

Agile managed cloud migration. MD Consulting cloud migration team helps you innovate faster, hurdle barriers and unlock the tools to work more productively – expertly supported 24/7 from our NOC.

We give you the strengths you need!

Agile Collaboration

Innovate faster, give your team the tools to empower your cloud transformation – and advance your business.

Secure Cloud Migration

Simplify and solve your challenges, extend your capabilities and discover new way to enable technologies.

Hybrid Cloud

Public or private cloud? Host in your data center, or ours? We’ll help you make an informed decision to fit your business objectives.

Cloud Expertise

MD Consulting cloud architects give you everything you need to achieve your ambitions – from design & build, to deployment and management.

More than just cloud-first

Cloud-first strategies have become the key enabler for rapid, transformational change.

The real potential of cloud IT – to achieve faster execution, more business agility, and sustainable cost reduction – offers great potential for organisations pursuing digital transformation, but also provides challenges, while continuing to rely on legacy infrastructures.

MD Consulting Managed Cloud Migration Services lets you respond faster, unlocks valuable resource and lets you scale up or down to meet unknown demand – and reduce costs.

  • Enhanced agility & productivity
  • Rapidly scale available resources
  • Proactively manage security risks
  • Respond faster to change
  • Personalised expertise and support


Over the MDC is not just another support organisation, we take a unique approach to supporting your business.

Rather than focusing our resources on just resolving technical issues, we look to work with you to get the best out of your IT investment with a collaborative approach. Engaging Over the Wire as your Managed IT Services provider will allow us to take ownership of your IT&T environment; maintaining your core IT services. This leaves your organisation to focus on what you do best, delivering your services to your customers.

Through our collaborative and ongoing process, we aim to assist your business in four main areas that impact every corporate IT deployment:

  • Cost Control
  • Access to Experts
  • Reliability
  • Utilisation