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Datacenter Solutions

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MD Consulting solutions for on-premise deployments

Datacenter solutions from MD Consulting include servers, storage, networking technologies and complementary capabilities that are fully integrated for your requirements.

While many companies rely on engineered computing systems to deliver their intellectual property to market, hardware may not be their  primary focus or competency. If your company provides enterprise software, then your customers may also expect you todeliver hardware appliances that are high-quality, cost-effective and flexible, to host thatsoftware.

That’s where MD Consulting comes in as your trusted partner to design, build, configure and support datacenter hardware solutions as a vehicle for your software IP. Relieving you of that burden lets you focus squarely on adding value to your core business offerings.

Reducing the effort to deliver data center excellence

By handling the hardware required for you to deliver software functionality, MD Consulting speeds up the time to innovation for your company.

MD Consulting takes care of the design, assembly, configuration, testing and shipping requirements for your solution. Our network of service experts can address operational needs such as field installation and maintenance, technical assistance for customers and programs for exchange and repair in case of equipment failures.

The best fit for your success

As experts in the design, development and support of enterprise-grade hardware, MD Consulting offers a fast lane for your company to take advantage of in the provision of full-stack technology solutions built around your software offerings.

Our datacenter solutions run the gamut in terms of the market segments where they are used, including the following:
  • Enterprise storage, for applications that include data management, storage virtualization and enterprise backup and recovery solutions.
  • Network security, for applications that include network firewalls, threat-detection appliances and endpoint protection and backup
  • Communications and networking, for applications that include unified communications, wide-area networking and virtual customer premise equipment.
  • MD Consulting can help you strengthen your presence in each of these market segments, delivering added value to your customers and strengthening your brand.


We can help you with everything from design and move-in to day-to-day operational support.

Your data center should meet your needs Exactly. The MD consulting team is 100% focused on helping you design your perfect data center.
  • Engineers and architects on-site
  • Expertise in every stage of design and implementation
  • Proven plans for scale
  • Highly collaborative process
  • Fast time to market
From planning and strategy to project management, we can help you migrate your existing environment and applications to your new data center.
  • Data center planning and layout design
  • Project management
  • Fit-out of rack, electrical, and containment
  • Structured cabling
  • Physical and logical migration services

Stay in control and keep your finger on the pulse of your data center environment at all times.

  • Sensors measure a range of variables that have impact on your SLA
  • Staff monitor measurements in real time and take preventive action when necessary
  • Web-based portal provides customers with all the operational data relevant to their space

Lower your staffing needs without sacrificing control. Our on-site technicians are available 24/7/365 and can troubleshoot issues and perform routine maintenance.

  • Infrastructure and circuit testing
  • Cabling and wiring
  • Troubleshooting physical ports
  • Racking, stacking, receiving, and storage of equipment
  • Media loading/swapping
  • Power cycling
  • Hardware replacement
  • Entering commands per instructions
  • Network Racks, Server Racks
  • Intelligence PDU
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Data Center Network Switch
  • Router and firewall device
Datacenter solutions from MD Consulting include servers, storage, networking technologies and complementary capabilities that are fully integrated for your requirements.