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Cloud Adoption

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Is Your Company Ready for Cloud ?
  • Is your business and IT aligned? If not, can cloud computing facilitate this convergence between business and IT?
  • Do your applications and IT architecture support your changing market needs?
  • Is your IT environment inflexible? How does your cloud adoption strategy support strategic imperatives -- that is, your company's vision?
  • How is your company performing today -- that is, what's not working that would make a difference in business performance?
  • Does cloud computing make your processes more effective and more efficient?
  • What cloud business adoption patterns are suitable for your company?
  • Who is accountable for making cloud adoption decisions?
  • What is your organizational readiness capacity for cloud adoption?
  • How will you ensure that your cloud adoption strategy is realized?

Why Cloud Strategy Matters

Cloud strategy is a formal definition of how resources will be allocated to a Cloud computing initiative, such that Cloud computing can be deployed to deliver differentiated value to an organization’s customers, in many cases internal business customers. However, Cloud is increasingly used to enable and support digital transformation efforts, the business units more and more are planning Cloud computing into products and services, as well as into delivery of those products and services. Cloud is

We Define your Journey to Cloud

Cloud Adoption phases

Cloudlaunch workshop
    li>Build Goals and Objectives for your CAFBuild Goals and Objectives for your CAF
  • Establish budgets and TCO
  • Understand cloud adoption drivers
  • Review CAF details
  • Identify cloud ready workloads
  • Identify governance and security requirements
  • Build an action plan
Assess & plan
  • Application and infrastructure assessment
  • Identify and address key security concerns and controls
  • Select Pilot applications for migration
  • TCO and ROI estimation
  • Define Minimum Viable Cloud and Reference architectures
  • Prioritize dependencies, risks, and constraints
  • Develop and build MVC
  • Migrate initial workloads as example use cases
  • Verify and validate applications and operations
  • Build primary cloud teams using processes, playbooks and technology
  • Map compliance, security, and operational approaches
  • Establish project plans and the teams to lead them
  • Implement governance, security, and controls
  • Deploy infrastructure, processes, playbooks and tooling
  • Transform legacy Operational Teams to cloud management teams
  • Data and Workload migration followed by soft and hard cutover
  • Application Handoff, Training, and Support
Operations & Maintenance
  • 100% availability architecture design
  • Disaster recovery and automated backups
  • Audit readiness for verticals
  • Enterprise-grade security services
  • Integration with on-premise or private cloud environments
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