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Product Management

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We don’t just develop products, we make sure you make the most out of it. MD Consulting provides customized Software Development and Support services for businesses of every size, across all verticals.

Drastically reduced release cycles, widening client base, newer markets, fused with cloud delivery and multi-lingual, multi-device mobile enablement - all these factors have led to challenges and increased cost in supporting software products over product life cycle.

MD Consulting assesses the customer’s requirements and plans out the deployment project that will deliver a working solution. We are a coherent back-end technology partner delivering customer satisfaction, scalability, transparency and cost & time effectiveness.

Order Management

Presales/sales/post-sales inquiries, software product details, client relationship management, and order processing.

Licensing and Warranty Support

Subscription management, license support, customer enrolment, warranty extension, claims processing, and verification and validation.

Tech Support

Multi-level technical assistance, highlighting support needs, cloud deployment and maintenance, voice/chat based technical support, regular updates and system enhancement, data backup, hardware and system administration.

Technical Writing

Tech/user manuals, software documentation, configuration guides, system administration checklists, reference docs, and tech support papers.