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“Driving growth with Innovative IT”

Now more than ever, enterprises are looking at IT as the game changer for their businesses. Whether it is to transform end-user experience, create new revenue channels or make their business future-ready, the change agent is IT. To stay ahead in today’s dynamic technology environment, IT departments have to simultaneously work on the old and the new.

MD Consulting help companies develop and leverage innovation to engineer new products and modernize the existing ones. We enable businesses to structure and analyze large information pieces and ideas associated with complex product development – in exceptional and efficient products. At MD Consulting, our technology experts use efficient frameworks and processes to enable a phased delivery/deployment, thus ensuring clear visibility at each step.

Product development outsourcing with MD Consulting enables you to achieve accelerated time to market, reduced design cycle time, best practices in product architecture and development, and notable lower costs. These are the key drivers we focus on to help you gain a competitive advantage in the volatile marketplace. Our team is deeply committed to the success of our customers’ initiatives. We are adaptive to the client’s ecosystem giving complete visibility across all the phases of PDLC.

Strategic Consulting

It has been a key offering since our inception. At MD Consulting we see strategy as much more than just a plan. MD Consulting Services support and guide the Product Management Team, R&D and innovation teams in developing competitive products and bringing them to rapidly changing markets.

We work with businesses in various verticals to develop strategies that deliver winning results. Our consulting capabilities include fundamentals of growth, corporate strategy, digital and emerging markets strategy, and ideas for sustainability.

New Product Development

Innovation is the stepping stone, but to make your product climb up the ladder in the market you need us, the insight-driven technology partners, to create a product that amalgamates value and features for a meaningful user experience. MD Consulting offers end-to-end support to software vendors to build quality software with robust agile methodology, scalable and extensible architecture. Our compelling product development solutions help drive innovation for our clients and connect with users for product’s success.

Product Modernization

In today’s complex marketplace, newer versions, newer frameworks and tools are changing the user needs rapidly. We have legacy applications need to deal with various challenges like providing business scalability and security, shedding process redundancies, improving efficiency and cutting maintenance costs. MD Consulting helps in Technology Modernization, Digitization, Architecture Modernization, UI Rejuvenation, Integration, and Process & Release Modernization.