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Human Resources

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MD Consulting is specialising in Human Resource Management for Small and Medium Business.

We are working in partnership with our clients. We provide HR Software and Services to ensure that your business is compliant in its HR obligations.  We are practical and affordable with our advice and guidance and work hard to give you the confidence so that you are in control of your HR. Think of us as an extension of your own business.

We provides our clients with the personalized attention they deserve. We specialize in tailoring our processes to fit your needs. No matter what the size of your organization, we have the resources, knowledge, experience and business partner relationships to ensure your goals are met.

HR Compliance Audits

  • HR Policy and Procedure
  • Review and Development
  • Affirmative Action Planning
  • HR Operational Assessment
  • Compensation Analysis and Program Design
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys - Design, Distribution, and Results Analysis
  • Employee Handbook Review and Development
  • Executive Search
  • Payroll Operation and Process Flow

Service Highlights:

  • Complete compensation analysis based on position, industry, geography and company analytics.
  • Identification and development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for both the position and relevance to the company's strategic goals and importance
  • KPI alignment with overall financial goals and growth for both the short and long-term plans
  • Performance management
  • Expertise in executive compensation, private and nonprofit
  • Goals, objectives, metrics
  • Implementation and training
  • Salary administration