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13 Nov 2018

Why Cloud Email is a wise move now?

Why Cloud Email is a wise move now?

Today’s cloud-based options offer far more scalability and flexibility than managing your own email server. Email continues to be one of the most popular communication methods for businesses. Reliable and trusty email functionality is an absolute must for any business today. Now more businesses are choosing cloud email. Let's look at the benefits why switching to cloud-based email is good for business.

1. Cost Saving :-

Operating in-house email is expensive than using cloud based email solution. When you have cloud based email you do not have to pay for the server, operating system, email platform, electricity and staff to support it. The cost of managing your own email server can be much higher than the per-user costs incurred when using a cloud service provider.

2. Easy Disaster Recovery :-

If for some reason your internal server or network becomes compromised, then even the email data is at risk as every file, spreadsheet or contract agreement that’s in your email is very important and losing any of these will impact a lot on your business. With cloud email, problems with hardware really don’t matter as far as email is concerned. Even if your laptop crashes, you need not to worry as all your emails are stored in the cloud.

3. Improved Security and Compliance :-

Security and compliance are vital to many organizations and businesses to ensure trust and help follow strict regulations. Maintaining high security standards and adhering to compliance regulations takes a lot of effort and time. Effective cloud email solutions help organizations comply with global, regional and industry-specific requirements and also applications stay up-to-date with evolving privacy compliance standards.

4. Accessible Anywhere and Anytime :-

You can access your email from anywhere and anytime as cloud email solution makes it easy to access. So, no matter where your employees are, they have a very uniform email access experience.

5. Quickly Scale and Update :-

Cloud email solutions provide you with the ability to quickly scale and update which saves time and cost of your team. Companies that migrate to cloud-based email get the benefits of standardized and automated functionality.

6. Real Time Collaboration :-

In today’s fast-paced work environment everyone wants to have instant access to the latest information available about ongoing projects. With email based on cloud there is easy real-time project collaboration and document editing, video and voice conferencing, instant project updates, centralized documents.

Time to reconsider if you've been dragging your feet on migrating your company's email to a cloud service. Doing so will give you the opportunity to redirect internal IT staff to addressing the important tech needs that help expand your company's business. For any query, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

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