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09 Jun 2021

Cloud Backup in 2021: An Overview, Advantages and Security Risks

Cloud Backup in 2021: An Overview, Advantages and Security Risks

An Overview

Cloud Backup involves backing up the business's data and applications of its servers and storing it on a remote server far away. Corporations opt for cloud backup to keep files and data easily available during or after a system failure, cyber-attack, or human mistake

Cloud backup acts as a reliable locker via copying and saving the business data to a distant location on a server. Businesses can choose to backup up a few or all their files, according to their preference.

Consumers generally back up and restore their data on free drive spaces available but for business cloud backup is a must as they require to back up huge volumes of data.

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Advantages of Cloud Backup

Cloud backup provides these benefits to the user and protects them against every risk and threat so that businesses can focus on what they are good at-

  1. Budget-Friendly- SMBs, and Startups lack huge IT budgets. It’s necessary to adopt a resolution that is cheaper, convenient, and suitable. For as low as few thousand per year, you/your client can keep their complete data backed up in the cloud.
  2. Easy 24*7 access-  The data in the cloud provides access to the data anytime and everywhere either by a laptop or a smartphone, each file is easily available. It eliminates the need to travel around with any device restriction or accessing those files at a particular designated location
  3. Off-Shore- Cloud backup stores a copy of files off-site. During the situation of a Cyber Attack such as phishing, malware attack, human error file, system failure, or a natural disaster files are safe at a distant place. 
  4. A Cake-walk- Cloud backup solutions have made continuing control and restoration simple. With just a few clicks files can be backed up, retrieved, and restored.
  5. Lessens maintenance cost-The cloud backup offers a bundle of privileges to its users as the service provider gives advanced, high-tech infrastructure to put the data, assuring your data safe in an exemplary situation. Moreover, it skips the concern of the maintenance as the service providers completely monitor and manage the data server plus keeps an eye over upgrades and other defects.
  6. Automated- "Time is Money" and the most common reason, businesses avoid backing up their data. Cloud backup allows a customer to focus on their core business whereas data is backed up to the cloud automatically and continuously, with a proper internet connection.

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Security Risks

Like the two sides of the coin, everything has its cons too. Security risk exposure is the downside of the Cloud backup service which leads to the following-
  1. Confidential Data loss- The cloud service provider needs to ensure the measures for protection against accidental data deletion and restricted authority.
  2. Insider Trading-  A malicious insider leak and take advantage of your vulnerable business data. The company's current or previous employees or a business partner with information of your business's confidential data can be harmful to the company. More trustworthy IT policies around credential and role management will help prevent unauthorized access to your backup data.
  3. Abuse of Cloud Services- As the Cloud Backups provide access to the immense outlay of control, this authority can be dangerous if an enemy starts to own, such as data misuse for their benefit, sell data to predators or manipulate the market with a confidential data leak.
  4. Data Infringement- The business's confidential data can unintentionally or intentionally be held by any unapproved third party gaining access to your databases for their self-interest. The most straightforward way to dodge this is encryption during file transfer and storage.
  5. Open configuration and APIs- APIs or Application programming interface offers easy adaptability in executing a backup solution along with higher automation. However, cloud backup solution is so extensive among third parties, control gets accidentally surrendered. The aforementioned makes the data exposed to cyber-attacks and data misuse and no control over data.

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Very soon, the idea of backing and saving data on physical devices may seem outdated. Together with it’s hard to neglect the plenitude of advantages received from cloud back-ups such as economical, reliability, mobility, efficiency, and user-friendly. Being the ideal approach for data storage and safety, Cloud Backup is the go-to choice for businesses to elongate their infrastructure and building new technologies.

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