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Top advantages of Cloud Technology
Today everyone is talking about cloud! Cloud Technology, Cloud Solution, Data Storage, Data Security are the most buzzing words. What does Cloud Technology mean and how cloud technology solutions can benefit the business?
Cloud computing in various industries, how it is reshaping business
The Big Data Revolution is causing industries around the world to improve their capacity to access and mine data from all sorts of sources. Information-technology (IT) infrastructure is now being put under severe pressure, while increasingly innovat
Securing Data on Cloud
The cloud revolution is upon us. More and more businesses are moving their critical IT
Why Cloud Email is a wise move now?
Today’s cloud-based options offer far more scalability and flexibility than managing your own email server. Email continues to be one of the most popular communication methods for businesses. Reliable and trusty email functionality is an absolute mus
The 3 types of Cloud Computing
Cloud computing helps businesses to work more efficiently and save on additional cost for software and hardware that are important for different operations. Companies can use cloud based technology to increase their IT functionality or capacity witho
How Blockchain technology is evolving in various industries
The Internet has changed how content is distributed in ways that were difficult to imagine 20 years ago.
Future of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and continual deep learning (DL) are the new